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Champs Redux + 1! ExEve wins TWO RCN 2001 Awards!

Exploiting Eve came away with two awards from Rock City News' "The Rockies" Awards 2002! Held at Paladino's on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2001, Exploiting Eve repeats last year's performance as Best Alternative Band and came away with a brand-new award for Janelle as Best Female Vocals.

Our appreciation to everyone who voted for us, especially our loyal fans!

Exploiting Eve wins "BEST ALTERNATIVE BAND" at Altar Native's World Wide Music Awards 2001

Adrenaline Radio's Altar Native Show announced Exploiting Eve "Best Alternative Band" during its First Annual Altar Native's World Wide Music Awards 2001.

Our thanks for all of you who voted to make us #1 once again!

More new stuff: PHOTOS and SCRAPBOOK sections updated!

Our scanner hates us for it, but thanks to the holiday weekend, we were able to set aside some time to scan in and post new photos and media clippings to our PHOTOS and SCRAPBOOK/MEDIA sections. Look for the graphic for the new stuff. Duh!

Goin' For Two! ExEve Nominated for RCN 2001 Awards!

Once again, Exploiting Eve has been nominated for Rock City News' "The Rockies" Awards! The 2002 Awards Show will be held at Paladino's on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2001. We are up for awards in three categories; Best Alternative Band, Best O.C. Band, and Best Female Vocals.

Last year, we came away with the Best Alternative Band award. Help us win again by casting your vote. You can fax or mail in your ballot; just be sure to do it soon!


Two Exploiting Eve band members celebrate birthdays in November: Victor Lozano on Monday, November 5, and John Vastano on Sunday, November 11.

Click the monkey to send Victor and John an online greeting card, or simply send them an e-mail.

Exploiting Eve's First Music Video Due Jan. 2002

We shot our first music video with D/K Films during our October 25 show at the Whisky. Catch up on the story here.

The latest word from D/K Films is that the video is due out in about 3 weeks, which would put us at around December 8. If we've been good to the Film and Video Gods, then we'll have an early Christmas gift to share with all of you. Otherwise, we'll play it safe and say that the video is due out by January 2002.

Either way, look out for our first music video, coming real soon.

Listen to our 95.5 KLOS debut!

Remember when 95.5 KLOS featured Exploiting Eve on its Local Licks show (refresh your memory here)?

If you missed the live broadcast, no problem. We got a copy of the 08/19/01 show and turned it into a short MP3 file that you can listen to/download from our SCRAPBOOK.

KLOS still has our disk and needs your input to keep it playing. Call the station at 800-955-KLOS to request more Exploiting Eve or send 'em a fax at 310-558-5642. Be sure to thank Kelly Cox for us while you're on the line.

ExEve is Midnite's Band of the Month - October 2001

We swear we're bribing no one! Midnite's has made Exploiting Eve their Band of the Month for October 2001.

For your viewing please, check the honors out on their website. If you get there and can't find it, have no fear, because it's archived in our SCRAPBOOK here!

Exploiting Eve Records First Music Video!

The October 25 show at the Whisky rocked! For those of you that were there, thank you for coming out. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did. For those of you that weren't, here's a quick recap.

D/K Films filmed the show and is including the footage into our first music video. The song for the video is "Out In The Rain." It was chosen by the band partly based on our fan input from the ExEve Poll.

The Whisky was pure fun when the cameras started rolling and the band started playing. The performance turned "so Hollywood" when, between licks, make-up and hair stylists attended to Janelle and the guys. The best part, and you had to be there, was when Janelle had her breasts blow-dried because she was working up such a sweat!

The video shoot was even more apparent as the band did a few extra and mid-song takes of "Out In The Rain." Despite the redundancy, the crowd cheered louder and louder every time. Last but not least, there was some storyline filming done with extras cheering and dancing to the band after the show was over! Now that's entertainment!

The Whisky show was presented by Art Aaronson and promoted by Unsigned on Sunset. Special thank to 95.5 KLOS Local Licks' Kelly Cox for being the evening's MC and doing such a great job of helping us out.

More info about the completion and release of the video will be posted as information becomes available. Check back soon!

Our Website: To Hell and Back!

If you've been to our website over the past two weeks, there's no doubt that you've experienced some difficulties. It was all due to our initiation of a change in web hosting providers.

The good news is that Webmaster Anthony Morrow says that everything is now in order, including our online forms (Poll, Guestbook, Comments, & others). In addition, we're happy to say that individual band member e-mail addresses are also working as expected. Best of all, thanks to the new web hosting provider, we can offer some better features like the NEW SITE SEARCH feature. Try it out!

Exploiting Eve: Publicity Whore's Musician of the Week

We might not like being called whores, but being called Publicity Whore's Musician of the Week is just fine with us!

Publicity Whore named Exploiting Eve Musician of the Week for their 10th Issue (10/26/01). Go to the Publicity Whore website to check out the choice review they gave us, or find it archived in our SCRAPBOOK.

ExEve Roxy Show Review by Rock City News

Our pals at Rock City News put together a nice review and photo layout of our 09/22 show at the Roxy. Head to their website to see the layout while it's still up. If you got there too late, don't worry, we've saved a copy for your enjoyment in our SCRAPBOOK section. Take a look!.

Our Website Has Gone To Hell - Update 1!

We continue to apologize for the pain and suffering (mostly ours) during the transition of our website's hosting services.

You may have noticed that our forms (Poll, Guestbook, Comments, & others) weren't working, but you'll be glad to know that as of today (10/24/01) we belive we've fixed the problems and they're good to go. Please give them a try and let us know if you find otherwise.

Our e-mail address is working again but individual band member addresses are still having trouble. If you need to contact us, use the general band e-mail address and we'll see that your comment gets to the right person.

Exploiting Eve Prepares First Music Video! - Update

Exploiting Eve's show at the Whisky on Thursday, October 25, isn't going to be a standard concert affair. The band is filming its first music video that night!

The music video is being produced in association with D/K Films. Live footage from the show will be incorporated into the final video. Those that show up have a chance to be part of history!

The song for the music video has yet to be decided. Exploiting Eve fans can vote at the ExEve Poll for the song they'd most like to see as a video. Release information of the video will be posted as soon as it's available.

Exploiting Eve's Whisky show is presented by Art Aaronson and promoted by Unsigned on Sunset.

Our Website Has Gone To Hell!

In case you're wondering why our website hasn't been available or isn't working 100% lately, it's because we changed web hosting services and have had to deal with the pain of transition.

The good news is that most of the bad stuff (downtime) is over, but there are some things (like the Poll and other stuff that use CGI forms) that need to be updated. Please bear with us!

You'll also be glad to know that our e-mail address is working again and that individual band member addresses are going live any moment now.

Exploiting Eve Prepares First Music Video

Exploiting Eve's show at the Whisky on Thursday, October 25, isn't going to be a standard concert affair. The band has announced that they are filming their first music video that night!

The song for the music video has yet to be decided. Exploting Eve fans can vote at the ExEve Poll for the song they'd most like to see as a video. Release information of the video will be posted as soon as it's available.

Exploiting Eve Proceeds Go To The American Red Cross

Proceeds from our ticket and merchandise sales through September 23, 2001, are being added up. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Thank you to all who came to our Roxy show and purchased merchandise.

Exploiting Eve Proceeds Go To The American Red Cross

We care a lot about the people that lost their lives to last week's terrorist attacks and want to help the rescue and recovery efforts. We have decided to donate the proceeds from our ticket and merchandise sales through September 23, 2001, to the American Red Cross.

Our donation will include all ticket proceeds from our Roxy show and all merchandise sales from the show's merchandise table as well as mail-order purchases from our MERCHANDISE page.

God Bless America!

Exploiting Eve Competes in Mars Music Battle of the Bands.

On 09/08/01, Exploiting Eve competes in the Mars Music Battle of the Bands-Semi-Final Round at the Mars Music in Cerritos, CA. The winner gets to open for a national act in L.A.

UPDATE: Exploiting made it to the semi-final round where they came in 4th place. We don't know who won it all but you might be able to find more info from the Mars Music website.

Exploiting Eve on 95.5 KLOS a Success!

KLOS' Local Licks played three Exploiting Eve songs from "Getting Thru" on Sunday August 19.

DJ Kelly Cox saved the best for last when she started playing Exploiting Eve music at around 11:45P. First up was "Getting Thru" and then "Hang From My Line". Kelly Cox closed the Local Licks show with "Tuesday @ 10" and then several nice compliments about the band and a list of upcoming shows. Very cool!

We wrote to Kelly to thank her for her support and she replied, "i'm glad you all enjoyed local licks with exploiting eve. i really like your music and am looking forward to your set at the whiskey in october. cheers!" In another exchange, she continued to stroke our egos with "p.s. you're welcome. we'd be nowhere without music like yours to play!"

KLOS still has our disk and needs your input to keep it playing. Call the station at 800-955-KLOS to request more Exploiting Eve or send 'em a fax at 310-558-5642.

Exploiting Eve is New Artist Showcase's Favorite E-mail Artist of the Week.

New Artist Showcase recently featured Exploiting Eve on its website's weekly online broadcast.

Thanks to the response of you, OUR KICK-ASS FANS, Exploiting Eve is NAS's Favorite E-mail Artist of the Week.

Our appreciation goes out to everyone who voted for us and to KC (you can still send him e-mail New Artist Showcase for giving us the chance.

95.5 KLOS is about to unleash the sounds of Exploiting Eve unto the masses!

KLOS' Local Licks is the longest running showcase of undiscovered local talent in Southern California. This Sunday night, August 19, from 11 PM-12 midnight, DJ Kelly Cox will serve up the latest and greatest that Southern California has to offer including the music of Exploiting Eve!

Listen to hear about 3 to 4 songs from "Getting Thru" and also to win free tickets to an upcoming Exploiting Eve EVENT that will be given away on the air. Don't just listen, call the station at 800-955-KLOS to request more Exploiting Eve or send 'em a fax at 310-558-5642.

Go to our EVENTS section now to add the KLOS Local Licks broadcast to your personal calendar.

Exploiting Eve Nominated for Altar Native's World Wide Music Awards 2001.

Adrenaline Radio's Altar Native Show has announced its nominations for the First Annual Altar Native's World Wide Music Awards 2001 and Exploiting Eve hasn't been left out.

Exploiting Eve is nominated in the "Best Alternative Rock Band" category and Janelle Barreto is in the "Best Female Vocalist" category.

Help us clean up the awards by casting your vote via e-mail. Send votes to: The final day to vote is November 06, 2001.

Altar Native’s World Wide Music Awards will be held on December 11, 2001 at 3:00 PM, PST.

Vote Exploiting Eve for New Artist Showcase's Favorite E-mail Artist of the Week

New Artist Showcase is featuring Exploiting Eve this week (08/13) on its website's online broadcast.

Catch a listen of the streaming RealAudio broadcast which features stuff from "Getting Thru" then vote for Exploiting Eve as Favorite E-mail Artist of the Week by sending KC at New Artist Showcase a convincing e-mail. Of course, it's really quantity, not quality that counts this time.

The show will remain up for one week, then move to the "show archive" section for another week.

Exploiting Eve wins 1st round of Burst Music's Leader of the Pack competion.

Exploiting Eve played in week 11 of Burst Music's "Leader of the Pack" competition and emerged victorious. Here's how the promoter put it:

    Week 11 was a great evening!! We started off with an industry showcase from Ameba, excellent band, you can catch them at the Troubadour later this month.

    Dumfinger started the competition off next and despite a broken bass pedal, scored enough with our judges( 123.5) to come in runner-up. They have decided to replay on August 27th, replay night. Now with six bands on the lineup.

    Exploiting Eve exploded onto the stage next, and wowed the entire club. This band is solid musically as well as having a very dynamic stage prescense. Very intense! Exploiting Eve scored 215 points, took the lead and never looked back!

Look for Exploiting Eve in the semi-finals some time in September. You can read more about the competition at Burst Music's Message Board.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Exploiting Eve didn't win the "Leader of the Pack" competition. There were 48 bands entered and Ex Eve made it to the semi-final round where and came in second. The winner was Ex Eve's friends Numbria. Overall, Exploiting Eve came in 5th place. They had the best time and are proud of where they finished.

Add-To-Calendar Features Added to Exploiting Eve's EVENTS Section.

In an effort to make it quicker and easier for you to remember and attend Exploiting Eve events, we've added new functionality to our EVENTS section of the website.

Now when you view our EVENTS section, you can click on the calendar symbols to add events to your Outlook (vCalendar supporting) personal calendar, or to your Yahoo! Calendar online.

Either way, we hope you make use of the new feature and will no longer take "I forgot" as an excuse for not seeing you at our next performance!

Ron Garmon speaks the praises of ExEve in MeanStreet.

Exploiting Eve continues to be showered with great reviews. This time, the praise comes from Ron Garmon in his article "Calling From The Funhouse: We Love L.A." featured in MeanStreet. The article is in the July 2001 issue, which is on the newstands now. You can get a hard-copy at most music locations, or check it out here in our SCRAPBOOK.

ExEve on VH1!?

That's what they're saying in our GUESTBOOK! We couldn't verify the info ourselves, but we thought it was interesting enough to share with you all. CONTACT us if you know something we don't.

Exploiting Eve in the Rolling Rock Battle Of The Bands!

On 07/04/01, Exploiting Eve will perform in the Rolling Rock Battle Of The Bands held at the Hard Rock Cafe in L.A. Help the band get to the National competition and have a rockin' 4th of July. ALL AGES WELCOME. NO COVER.

UPDATE: This was a great event! Exploiting Eve came in 4th in LA and 9th in the country from competitions held at 16 Hard Rock Cafe's and 16 bands per location. Playing on 4th of July wasn't easy but the place was packed and all the bands were great. Ex Eve lost by just 7 points. Even though they were heart broken, they knew they gave their best.

John Vastano Wins "Party" Poll, Victor Stays Home

A recent poll from our website asked, "Which Exploiting Eve member do you think will party hardest when the group signs a record deal?"

The votes are in and John Vastano has won! John had 8 votes, many of which came in the last few days of the poll. He beat out Janelle, who had 5 votes, and Andres and Vincent, both with 1 vote each.

The poll also revealed that Victor Lozano is most likely to stay home the day the group gets signed. Victor had no votes. I'd watch it people, there's a wild man inside that solemn outer shell.

If you'd like to see the poll results for yourself, visit the POLL ARCHIVES.

More Music Samples In the MUSIC section

Yes, our webmaster is a busy guy. That explains why he sometimes gets behind in updating our website. But it's okay, because he has to keep his "regular" job, and since we can't pay him, it's a must!

Anyhow, we're proud to say that we've begun adding more music samples to the MUSIC section of the website. You can listen to WAV and MP3 samples, as well as RealAudio streams. Go give a listen!

"Getting Thru" CD Review by G-Man

Scott G. (a.k.a. The G-Man) is a rare and respected talent of the music industry. He's the kind of guy that people listen to and striving artists hope to get on their side.

Exploiting Eve has been fortunate enough to, on several occassions, be the recipient of G-Man's praise. His latest honor to us has been to review our CD, "Getting Thru". You can read the review posted in our SCRAPBOOK along with some of G-Man's other articles.

THE G-MAN is a recording artist in Los Angeles whose work is heard in clubs and on radio and television commercials. Contact him via MP3 (; or send him e-mail at

Exploiting Eve is one of Music Connection's Hottest 100 Unsigned Bands of 2000

We told you earlier that Exploiting Eve was chosen to Music Connection's list of the Hottest 100 Unsigned Bands of 2000. Well, we finally dusted off the scanner and put the issue in our SCRAPBOOK for you to see. Click here to take a look.

By the way, as hot as Exploiting Eve has been lately, do you really think they'll be unsigned for long? Let us know by adding your comments to our GUESTBOOK.

Rock City News Awards 2000 Info Added to Scrapbook

We've added the RCN "Rockies" Award Show 2000 information to our SCRAPBOOK. Click here to take a look.

Exploiting Eve Invades the Cover of Rock City News.

Exploiting Eve continues to score with the media and music industry, this time by making the cover of Rock City News and getting an interview published in the Mar. 3, 2001 edition.

The cover features a photo of the band along with a photo of their latest CD, "Getting Thru". The interview talks about the band's musical genre, promoting the band, and ExEve's RCN Award. But don't just read this summary, see the cover and article posted in our SCRAPBOOK.

Exploiting Eve music NOW FOR SALE ONLINE.

We've verified it-they are there. Click this link to purchase Exploiting Eve's latest CD, "Getting Thru" or the first CD, "Softer Than Sound", from

If you don't want to buy online, you can save some money by picking up a CD at our next show or by sending us a check or money order. See our upcoming EVENTS here or get our CONTACT information here.

Exploiting Eve on KFI RADIO 640 AM & ADRENALINE RADIO.

On Saturday, March 3, Exploiting Eve can be heard on KFI RADIO 640 AM from 5-6 AM performing songs from their new CD "Getting Thru". The band will also be guests of the Nick Federoff Show from 8-10 AM. This show airs nation wide on over 125 stations with more than 2 million listeners!

You can listen to the KFI 640 AM RADIO performance and the show at 8:30 AM in Orange, Calif. or by going to and clicking on the "Nick Federoff Show".

The same day, Exploiting Eve will also visit the Adrenaline radio studio to appear on the Jeff Russell show. This is a one-hour interview featuring the band and music from the new CD.

To listen, go to, click on shows, then click on Altar Native show. This performance will be airing for a couple of weeks.

Exploiting Eve ROCKS The Gig!

Where were you last night? Who cares! Because if you weren't at The Gig to see Exploiting Eve ROCK the house, you missed out on a freekin' fabulous show!

The show was also the CD release part of Exploiting Eve's newest disc, "Getting Thru", which was selling like ice water in hell at the merchandise table.

As always, the band put on a wonderful performance, with enthusiasm and energy throughout. For ever person in attendance, the message was "getting thru" quite clearly; Exploiting Eve KICKS ASS!

Exploiting Eve's New CD - "Getting Thru"

If you're reading this, you're finding out that not only have we been busy in the studio, but we've also been busy with our website. What gives?

Well, on Saturday, February 24, 2001, Exploiting Eve is releasing first-full length CD (second overall) at our show at The Gig in Hollywood.

The CD is titled "Getting Thru" and features twelve of Exploiting Eve's latest jams. We will play songs from the disc at the show and will also have it for sale ($10) along with other ExEve merchandise.

The CD will also be available for purchase online ($14) at beginning Monday, March 5, 2001.

If you can't make the release show or any subsequent shows, you can also send a check or money order to us ($12) and we'll drop a disc in the mail for you. Go to our CONTACT section to get our mailing address or to find out how to get in touch with us for more information.

We will have more information soon about "Getting Thru" here on our website. We plan to add CD artwork, music samples, and information about the making of the CD. Check our MUSIC section for the content coming soon.

Welcome to Exploiting Eve's 2001 Website Redesign!

We've redesigned our website to coincide with the upcoming release of our first full-length CD, "Getting Thru". While the update is visual with changes in font and color, we've also worked really hard to make finding information and navigating through the site simpler.

We're still not quite finished with the redesign. You may notice missing graphics, photos, or entire sections of content. Be sure to let us know if you run into any problems. We may not know about them!

We want to know what you think of our new look. Send your comments from our CONTACT section, or take our poll, found on the MAIN page, asking about the new look

Well happy new year and welcome to the millenium for those of you who wanted to be technically correct! We hope you all had a great time during the holidays and thank those of you who made our holiday show at the Din Din and subsequent shows at Sumo Bistro.

In case you didn't see it at Events, our next show is at the Gig in Hollywood on Saturday, Feb. 24. WE WILL BE RELEASING OUR NEW CD! Make sure you're there!

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