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Well happy new year and welcome to the millenium for those of you who wanted to be technically correct! We hope you all had a great time during the holidays and thank those of you who made our holiday show at the Din Din and subsequent shows at Sumo Bistro.

In case you didn't see it at Events, our next show is at the Gig in Hollywood on Saturday, Feb. 24. WE WILL BE RELEASING OUR NEW CD! Make sure you're there!

Exploiting Eve named the Best Alternative Band by Rock City News.

At the 6th Annual Rock City Awards Show, Exploiting Eve was named the Best Alternative Band of 2000. Along with the prestigious honor, Exploiting Eve was also presented with "The Rockies" award which is sure to be the first of many awards to come.

Our since thanks to every one of you who voted for us!

Remember to vote Exploiting Eve for the Rock News Awards. Get teh form here. We need all your support!
Exploiting Eve sat down with Jeff Russell (aka Singing Hoarse) of for a one-hour interview and performance of songs from their upcoming CD.

You can catch a broadcast of the the Altar Native show with Exploiting Eve at adrenaline Follow the link, click on "shows" then click on "listen to shows" and enter Altar Native show to listen to the interview. The show may air for a week or less starting November 21st. Be sure to visit soon.

Did you notice? John Vastano got a brand new amp-a Yamaha/Soldano. Doesn't it sound great?
Okay, so "Hot News" has been cold lately. It's not that we don't have hot news, it's just that we've been too damn lazy to post it. That's going to change. Keep coming back for more frequently updated, relevant information. We promise.
Rock City News, a well known and respected music publication, wants your vote and band nominations in several categories.

We have already been nominated in the categories of "Best Alternative Band" and "Best Female Vocals".

You can vote in these categories as well as nominate us in other by printing out the form, filling it out, and mailing it in. Do it now!

We recently took some new promo photos which now include our newest member, John Vastano. We'd like to get your opinion to determine which one you think we should use for our portfolio.

You can view and vote for the photos at our Online Opinion Poll.

The industry showcase at the Gig last night was great! No words can accurately describe the fantastic evening.

The crowd was just crazy and it made us play at a level we have never been to before. Thank you very much to everyone that came out.

We found out there were about 5-8 record labels at the show. It is a long process, but we are on that road finally. Their was also an internet magazine or radio thing (artistunderground) and a management company for artists, so we're hoping they help.

Word made it back to us that the industry people enjoyed the fan turn out, so thanks again to everybody who made the show. It made a tremendous difference to us.

Exploiting Eve is having their INDUSTRY SHOWCASE performance on Tuesday, August 8, 9 PM at The Gig in Hollywood.

This show is the most important EVER for Exploiting Eve. They'll be playing their hearts out for people in the industry, including major record label representatives, and of course, for YOU, THE FAN!

In order to make a significant impact, Exploiting Eve needs your support now more than ever. Attend the show with your friends, family, and whoever else you can drag along.

A Party Bus is being arranged to get people to and from the show. Please call the hotline at 213.694.0142 or send us an e-mail if you're interested.

Click here for ticket and location details.

Today, Exploiting Eve officially announced the addition of guitarist John Vastano as the newest member of the now five-person group.

John has been seen playing regularly with Exploiting Eve over the last year or so, appearing as a regular guest. John's primary instrumental contribution will be guitar along with Victor Lozano, however, he also adds in percussion and back-up vocals to support Andres Ramos and Janelle Barreto, respectively.

You can learn more about John at his newly added profile page.

Let us know what you think about Exploiting Eve's newest announcement by taking our Online Poll.
Check it out! We finally added more photos and information to the site. We're also starting a new section on the site called "Scrapbook" where you'll be able to see all our publicity, news clippings, and other stuff about the band that says how we've been embraced by the media and the industry. Please continue to let us know what you think.
Lucky Clover Contest ended. Congratulations to our winners!
Enter our Lucky Clover Contest for a chance to win our "Softer Than Sound" CD.
We have a last minute show scheduled to go off this Friday at Club 369's temporary home, Tropics. See the events listing.
Happy Valentine's Day! We want to give our love to all the fans, friends, and family who have helped us get where we are today. We hope you're enjoying the day with someone and everyone you love. Here's our Valentine to you!
In case you didn't see it the first time, the reason we haven't been playing gigs that much is because we've been in the recording studio working on a new album.

Exploiting Eve is recording at FrontPage Recording Studios, a kick-ass studio with excellent equipment and a great client list. Check it out for yourself and keep an eye out here for upcoming pics of us in the studio.
Our 2/18 show has been canceled. We have a new show scheduled for 1/29. Please see our events listing for more information.
To celebrate our new website, we're offering "Once Again Once Again", a track from our CD, free for download in MP3 format. You can sample this and other "Softer Than Sound" CD tracks in our Music Samples area. Feel free to share this sample with everyone you know. Get the word out!
If you're wondering where we're at for the start of the year, the answer is in the recording studio. We're working hard on another disk, and when we have more to tell you about it, you'll find it here in our website. Keep checking Events for upcoming shows.
Rock City news caught a listen to our music and somehow we got nominated for Best Alternative Rock Band in Los Angeles! The Award Ceremony for the ROCK CITY NEWS MILLENNIUM AWARDS '99 is Friday, November 19 at the Reseda Country Club. You can help us out by visiting them online and sending an e-mail, or pick up a magazine and mail in your vote.
And as if you needed another reason to come to one of our shows, now you can pick up our newest creations...t-shirts! We've got Exploiting Eve t-shirts ready for the buying and available at the next show. They come in three colors: black, blue, gray, and various sizes. You can also contact us to make other buying arrangements.
Victor Lozano will be celebrating another birthday on Friday 11/05. Guest musician John Vastano will be following up with a birthday of his own on Thursday 11/11/99. Be sure to send them both your birthday wishes, or better yet, come to the next show and deliver your message in person!
Just a reminder that our guitarist Victor Lozano will be celebrating another birthday on Friday 11/05. Guest musician John Vastano will be following up with a birthday of his own on Thursday 11/11/99. Be sure to send them both your birthday wishes, or better yet, come to the next show and deliver your message in person!
A big thanks to the fans in Bakersfield for coming out to see us at Medusa's Lair. It's great for us to go up there and enjoy your enthusiasm! We hope to see you all again soon.
Yeah, we've been busy and haven't had much time to update the website. But we've also been busy creating the Y2K version which is coming soon...
Exploiting Eve rocked Club 369 again on Saturday, 10/02/99. Thanks, as always, to Randy Cash for having us there and a special thank you for everyone who came to see us jam.
Janelle meets the President! Yes, it's true, and we have a picture to prove it. Read more about Janelle's escapade with the President right here!
Please let us know what you think of our website by submitting your opinion at our Online Opinion Poll or by sending an e-mail or comment via our Feedback - Comments page.
This posting is a bit late, but we just wanted to keep a permanent statement here about the great time we had performing in Bakersfield. We had such a good time that we are currently negotiating to get back out there in October. We're looking forward to seeing all of you who came out on 8/07 and we're hoping there'll be more people next time!
Okay, so we've been a little behind in keeping the website up to date. Anthony, our website caretaker, has been busier than heck with work, and to be honest, we've been busy too playing some private shows. The Club 369 show in Fullerton was a complete blast and having you all there rocked! Thanks for coming out and keep an eye out for our upcoming shows.
Exploiting Eve competed in a Battle of the Bands at The Crest in Torrance on 07/25/99. Up against six other bands, we get to move on to Round 2. We'll keep you posted on how we do.
Just a quick word of thanks to those of you who made our Club 369 show in Hollywood. We appreciate you being there and hope you'll be at the next shows too.
KROQ (106.7 FM) Y-107 (107.1 FM) and KCRW (89.9 FM) now have Exploiting Eve's latest disk, "Softer Than Sound" on file and ready to play! Call these stations to request your favorite song and get Exploiting Eve on the air.
Five more shops are carrying Exploiting Eve's latest disk, "Softer Than Sound." A complete listing of shops carrying the disk is here. Isn't it about time you bought a copy?
Thanks to all of you who came out to see us play at Club 369 in Fullerton. Congratulations to our host Phaedrus and their CD release.
Verified! See our CD review in Zeal Magazine-it's now out! You can also see our ad just behind the review, 2nd to last page. Thanks to Miranda Shorr for getting our review in and for getting us copies to bring to Club 369.
Andres has new drums! He's now slammin' his sticks on a new Yamaha Stage Custom, Raven Black 5pc. They're too hot to describe, so come to the next show and witness them. Rumor has it he's even playing better because of them...
We've added more photos for you to see! See group photos here at the group or see our individual photos here at members.
We now have a Fan Forum where you can get on the mailing list, submit comments for our guestbook, and see photos of the crowds and maybe YOU at our gigs. Check out Fan Forum here.
The show at Club 369 on March 6 was a blast! Hope you were there.
Exploiting Eve's CD "Softer Than Sound" is now available in local music stores. See shop listing here.
Exploiting Eve's website now has a "Links" section. See our links here.
The show at Club 369 on Feb. 27 has been moved to Mar. 6. See event listing here.
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