"Sideways" Goes Digital - Get It On iTunes & More

Exploiting Eve's "Out In The Rain" Music Video

11/08/12 - Exploiting Eve's "Out In The Rain" music video filmed at a live concert at The Whisky A Go-Go by D/K Films in 2002.

Exploiting Eve's Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

11/08/12 - Exploiting Eve's Electronic Press Kit (EPK) from filmed along with a live concert at The Whisky A Go-Go. Directed by Alisa Daglio March 2003.

Slammed!Exploiting Eve Music Featured In Movie "Slammed!"

07/25/06 - Three of Exploiting Eve's songs, "1000 Days", "Hang From My Line", and "Electrified", are featured in the "Slammed!" movie soundtrack.

more info >>

L.A. Indie SceneExploiting Eve Makes L.A. Indie Scene's Promo Video

It's not "Mission:Impossible:3", but Exploiting Eve can be seen on film in KPAL TV 38's "L.A. Indie Scene" TV show promo. Check it out here.

If for no other reason, watch it because hostess Glorianna Arias is nice on the eyes.

"Sideways" Tracks Now on iTunes!"Sideways" Goes Digital - Get It On iTunes & Other Online Music Sources

Individual tracks from "Sideways" are now available for digital download purchase through iTunes at just 99¢ each.

We like iTunes, but maybe you're using another music provider. Look for more digital distribution through Rhapsody, Napster, MSN Music, Yahoo Music, MP3Tunes, AOL MusicNet, and more!

Remember, you can still buy the CD for $12.95, shipping included.

It's Finished! Exploiting Eve's Newest CD is "Sideways"

Sideways: Cover

Exploiting Eve's newest CD, "Sideways", is finished and now available for your listening and purchasing pleasure.

We know it's been a while since you've seen or heard from us so it makes us especially proud, after many trials and tribulations, to finally share what so many of you have been waiting for. We appreciate your patience and continued love.


A CD Release Party and future Shows are to be schedule. Please stand by.

Separated At Birth: Victor Lozano & Jeff Goldblum

Rumor has is that Victor Lozano (currently jammin' with Sense Machine) was separated at birth from Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum (Jurrasic Park, Independence Day, The Fly, and many more).

Don't you see the resemblance?

Victor Lozano

Jeff Goldblum
Victor 's photo is unaltered (source: SenseMachine.com). Jeff's source photo is here. Photoshopping by ADM.

Exploiting Eve Changes

Exploiting Eve was formed in 1997 and has steadily grown into a popular, industry acclaimed group with three full-length CDs to its credit and hordes of faithful and fantastic fans. Many of you have been with us from the start and know we've gone through changes along the way. Changes are a part of life and we're going to share some of our latest changes with you here.

Effective June 2004, after completing her studio work for "Sideways", Janelle Barreto announced she would depart from Exploiting Eve to pursue a solo project. Janelle's contributions to the band have been tremendous and we wish her success with her future endeavors. It will be a challenge to continue without her but a tribute to her efforts that we do.

Exploiting Eve's remaining members also branched out to other musical projects as work on "Sideways" was being peformed.

Vincent and Andres Ramos are excited to be exercising their love of music and performing by contributing their talents to the band Neverwonder. Find out all about the band and music at Neverwonder.com.

Michael Jost poured a lot of effort into the behind-the-scenes production and completion of "Sideways", well after the individual music tracks were laid. He was instrumental in seeing the CD through to completion, forgoing time on his own solo project, which, with the release of "Sideways", he is able to resume. More on Michael's solo work can be found at JostMusic.com.

Victor Lozano is performing with a band called "Sense Machine" [formerly "The Duds", but changed names. -ed 11/18/05] and is also working with Vincent and Andres to compose music for independent artists.

We hope you'll continue to support Exploiting Eve and its artists.

"I'd thought they were rock en español..."

Here's a funny blog story featuring Vincent and Janelle of Exploiting Eve. It's written by James Ledesma, aka "Sex McGinty". We came across it as we were vainly Googling ourselves several months ago. It was written nearly a year ago but we only now found time to post it. Read this disclaimer from the author, then click the link below to get to the story.

"..although I did not change Ex Eve's names in my story, other names have been changed, and events have been fictionalized for artistic license and functional narrative. In other words, it's for entertainment purposes, not journalism. I wouldn't want people to read it and think that this is exactly what happened down to the last detail."

Read the story from our SCRAPBOOK

Treasure from the Exploiting Eve Archive - Once Again Karaoke

Call it karaoke, call it closed captioned, either way, this little treasure turned up while we were cleaning up the hard drive. We don't think it was ever posted before, so here it is now for you musical and viewing pleasure. Please sing along!

Item Name
Format - Size
QuickTime Movie (MOV)
5:45, 5.3MB

Once Again Once Again is the fourth track from Exploiting Eve's first CD, Softer Than Sound. Apple's Quicktime is available as a free download at www.quicktime.com.

Audio from Exploiting Eve on KLOS 95.5 FM Local Licks

Exploiting Eve turned up on KLOS 95.5 FM Local Licks show for the fourth time! The October 19, 2003 show was captured with the wonders of digital technology and is now here for you to take a listen.

Item Name
Format - Size
MP3 - 3:00, 1.4MB
Mono, 64 kbps
MP3 - 3:00, 2.8MB
Stereo, 128 kbps

If you want to hear more Exploiting Eve on the radio, call KLOS at 800.955.KLOS to request Exploiting Eve music or send 'em a fax at 310.558.5642.

Orange County Music Awards Show Prelim. Recap

The show at DiPiazza's on Thursday, 01/22/2004 was a preliminary round showcase for Orange County Music Awards.

Exploiting Eve is nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Live Band
  • Best Modern Rock Band
  • Best Female Vocalist (Janelle Barreto)

The judges were cool and the fans were loud. No word on results just yet.

The OCMA Event is Saturday, MAR 27, 2004. More info here.

Photos now posted. See here!

Exploiting Eve Wins Award and Performs for All*Access Music Awards Show

Exploiting Eve performed to a packed-in crowd for All*Access Magazine's Awards Show at Platinum Live on Saturday, November 8, 2003. The band shared the stage with other great groups like Dishwalla, Alligator Stew, The Carrie James Band, Bomb Child, Rudy T, Rocking Scoundrels, and more.

Exploiting Eve didn't leave the night with just a great performance. The band was announced winner of it's first All*Access Award for "Best Adult Contemporary Band." Exploiting Eve was also nominated in three other categories, a testament to its popularity and respect in the industry. We've added this award to our new Trophies & Awards showcase.

Exploiting Eve thanks everyone for voting and helping to make this achievement possible.

Photos now posted. See here!

OCRock.net Interviews Exploiting Eve for OCRockBackstage

Dustin Phillips, Writer for OCRock.net, attended the Exploiting Eve Coach House show on October 29, 2003. Just before Exploiting Eve hit the stage, he sat down with the band to conduct a "great interview." Thanks Dustin!

Read it NOW at OCRock.net or check it out in our SCRAPBOOK.

Exploiting Eve "Electrified" House of Blues, Anaheim. Sneak Preview CDs Sell Fast!

Show photos added 09/09/2003!

Exploting Eve played its first show in two months on Friday, August 15, 2003 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA along with Martha Davis & The Motels and Greenwich Meantime.

Loads of fans came to the show to get a refreshing glimpse of the band and a listen to some of the music Exploiting Eve has been in the studio recording for their upcoming CD.

On top of pleasing the crowd, the word backstage was that The Motels loved the show and the HOB people loved it too. And thanks to that, you can expect to see Exploiting Eve back at HOB some time in the future. Read lots of great comments from fans about the show in our GUESTBOOK.

The band was totally into the show and had a great time meeting with fans out on the patio afterwards. Most fans were crowded around the Exploiting Eve Merchandise area buying Sneak Preview CDs and other great goods.

Sneak Preview CDs Sell Fast!
Fans at the show were the first to hear and own NEW Exploiting Eve music. A limited run of Sneak Preview CDs featuring three of ExEve's hot new songs fresh from the show and out of the studio were available for just $5. Songs featured are "Blue Cafe", "Hey Hey Hey", and "Electrified".

A big thanks to those of you came to the show and picked up a copy of the Sneak Preview CD. For those of you that didn't, check back here soon for music samples and future sales information.

"Getting Thru" Gets Glowing Review by Southbound Beat Magazine

Southbound Beat Magazine's M. Rudy discovered Exploiting Eve's "Getting Thru" and has many kind words for the CD and the band.

Check out the review on Southbound Beat Magazine's website or read it here in our SCRAPBOOK.

Grokster Showcase Newsletter Features Exploiting Eve

The online file-sharing service, Grokster, made Exploiting Eve a "Featured Artist" in one of its latest member newsletters. Check out the nice write up by clicking here.

You can sample Exploiting Eve music in the MUSIC section or buy it in our MERCHANDISE area.

Exploiting Eve's 3rd visit to Music Connections "Hot 100" ListMusic Connection Magazine

On Top Three Years in a Row. Things are already happening. This is the year.

For the third year in a row, Music Connection Magazine has included Exploiting Eve in their annual list of the "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists."

Click here to see the MC cover and article in our SCRAPBOOK.

Click Here To Read More Exploiting Eve Hot News

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