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Janelle Meets President Clinton!
Yessiree! That's our very own Janelle Barreto and Colleen with the very real President of the United States, Bill Clinton! Click the picture to see the full size one.

So what was Janelle doing in D.C. anyway? Read the story below!

Janelle Meets the President Clinton!
During the week of 4th of July 1999, Janelle and her friend Colleen went to the east coast for a travel excursion that included stops in New Jersey and Maryland. Janelle and Colleen went to Washington D.C. to visit with Janelle's brother, who arranged for them to sit through a Presidential radio address.

The address lasted about 3 minutes. Afterward, those in attendance were invited to the Oval Office where each guest met with President Clinton, one by one.

The photograph was snapped by an official White House photographer. Other photos, including those of Janelle's brother and family were also taken with President Clinton.

When describing the event, Janelle said "as I got closer and closer in line, I was getting nervous. He looked awesome!" She said that she didn't think much of meeting the President until she actually was about to do it.

Janelle shook Bill Clinton's hand and said, "Nice to meet you Mr. President." She then introduced her girlfriend Colleen. The President said "Well hello girlfriend Colleen", and then asked "Why don't we take a picture with you two beautiful ladies?"

...and the rest is history.

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