Exploiting Eve
CD: 'Sneak Preview'


A three-song demo titled Sneak Preview has been released to promote the band’s up-and-coming CD release. Exploiting Eve is one if the top-performing indie bands around town, winning numerous awards throughout the Southern California area every year.

“Hey, Hey, Hey” gets your attention and holds it. Once again Exploiting Eve has figured it all out, and they prove it here. In “Blue Café” something does give a little here—it’s a softer side of lead singer Janelle. Mixed with the tight background of some of the best musicianship out there…and I see the making of their next video here.

“Electrified” is just what it says! It reminds me a little of the band’s hit song “Out in the Rain.” I know for sure “Electrified” will be another hit single for the band. Sneak Preview is well-mastered with powerful vocals, clear lyrics and great music. There’s nothing but true talent, hard work and a lotta love in this demo. I can’t wait to hear their new full-length release. Exploiting Eve will no doubt continue their winning streak with the songs on Sneak Preview.

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