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Posted by Support on May-20-03 at 03:23 AM
G R O K S T E R - Newsletter Ð Issue 3.16 Ð 5.19.2003


1) File Sharing in the News
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Roxio Buys Pressplay, Napster Lives,1412,58895,00.html

Extent of UK snooping revealed

Disney to Begin Renting 'Self-Destructing' DVDs


Jamie Green

With eclectic pop influences as wide as Earth Wind & Fire,
Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers ("Thanks Mom!") as well
as Peter Gabriel, Chaka Khan and the Indigo Girls, Indie
artist, Jamie Green, forges her own brand of soulful rock
and funky folk. Having won critical praise and numerous
songwriting honors for her 1999 debut, "My Crime," Jamie is
near completion on her sophomore effort. In the meantime she
has released a limited edition EP, "Songs Since My Crime."

Described as "an exercise in inventive artistry" by Music
Connection magazine, "My Crime" was named "Independent Pop
Album of the Year" by the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards.
(Jamie was also nominated for "Outstanding Female Singer-
Songwriter"). As a songwriter, Jamie has been awarded the
prestigious Lionel Richie scholarship from the National
Academy of Songwriters as well as awards from the John
Lennon and UNISONG International song contests. Jamie has
written songs for television movies, indie films and several
Billboard Top Ten music videos for children.

Music Connection magazine named Jamie among L.A.'s "Hottest
100 Unsigned Artists." One of the reasons for this, says
L.A.-area weekly, Entertainment Today, is her "high-octane
live performance." Whether gigging with her full band in
clubs, or playing acoustic shows at Border's and local
Coffee Houses, Jamie's passionate delivery has won her many

Though Jamie graduated from college with a B.A. in American
Studies and an arrest record for political protest, she
returned to her native Los Angeles to be a professional
dancer and singer. Along the way her path veered to a series
of manufactured girl groups. "What was I thinking? It just
wasn't me!" Deliverance came in the form of the funk. She
joined a band (The Electric Booty Mob) and played clubs
across the far flung suburbs of Los Angeles. It was during
this period that she began penning her own songs. From this
inception blossomed Jamie's debut CD.

Jamie's songs explore the vast regions of relationships,
spirituality, sexuality and politics. Addressing a reluctant
potential lover in "We're Alone," she admits to having been
"left with luggage" too, but asks him to "please pretend
that I'm not your mother or your ex-girlfriend." In the
confessional title track, she admits that not giving love,
life, or faith a chance, she has committed the ultimate
crime: "Have I spent well the time? Well I'm not so sure,
and that's my crime." In "Sisyphus" and "Malcolm X," she
pays homage to those who have fought hard for a more just
world. "Still Burn" delights in the lighter side of lost
love while "Won't Regret" is a candid portrait of a woman
refusing to regret a dangerous love. "I Know a Sister"
explores the emotional and physical consequences of such a
love and the spiritual antidote.

Jamie has been compared to such contemporary artists as
Paula Cole, Alanis Morrisette, Alana Davis, Sheryl Crow and
Tori Amos. Jamie responds, "Take comparisons with a grain of
salt, but I think that if you enjoy these artists as I do,
you wouldn't mind having my CD in your collection."

To check out Jamie Green online visit them at:


Exploiting Eve

Exploiting Eve is a Los Angeles based Modern Rock band whose
name has begun to permeate the saturated Los Angeles and
Orange County music circuit. Their high-energy live
performance captures new fans, raises ticket sales, and
sells CDs at every show.

Formed in 1997, Ex Eve's energetic music and presence gained
momentum to create enormous local attention in 2001. The
year graced them with notable shows at the Roxy, the Whisky
A Go-Go, the Viper Room, and the Galaxy Concert Theatre, to
crowds of 400+ derived from the labors of their own PR and
Street Team. Ex Eve has also broken into the airwaves of Los
Angeles radio and is honored to receive airplay of their
tracks "Getting Thru," "Hang From My Line," and "Tuesday At
Ten" by 95.5 KLOS' "Local Licks" DJ Kelly Cox.

Exploiting Eve has also caught extensive attention from a
number of LA's and OC's music magazines with interviews,
show reviews, and album critiques in Music Connection, No
Cover, MeanStreet, Campus Circle, Live, and others. Ex Eve
was featured on the cover of the March issue of Rock City
News which also included a two page interview article.

DK Films approached the band and raised the capital for Ex
Eve's first music video. The commercial track "Out In The
Rain" was filmed live at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go and
is scheduled for release in early 2002.

Exploiting Eve was awarded the "Best Alternative Rock Band"
award by Rock City News Music Awards and
Music Awards in 2001. Rock City News, who had already chosen
the band as Best Alternative Rock band in 2000, also
bestowed them with the "Best Female Vocals" award in 2001.
Ex Eve was included in Music Connection Magazine's list of
the "HOTTEST 100 UNSIGNED BANDS" in both 2000 and 2001.

To visit Exploiting Eve online visit:


Michael Ubaldini

Rock n' Roll rebel, poet, philosopher, hopeless romantic,
storyteller, guitar slingin' outlaw in black are only a few
of the diverse descriptions of singer/songwriter Michael

This artist obviously defies categorization...the Los
Angeles times stated he is better than Bruce Springsteen at
probing the national soul.

From the heart and soul and the blood of the American dream,
Michael and his cranking band "Mystery Train" rock the way
people have forgotten how with the plastic of most of
today's Pop and fabricated Punk. Michael plays and sings his
lyrics as if the world's gonna come to an end. He plays his
own stuff with no messing' about, and when he chooses to do
an ol' cover tune from one of his heros, whether it be Otis
Redding, Elvis, CCR, the Stones, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams,
Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan to name but a few; he puts new life
into them. It ain't like some bar band just playing the song
for free beer and money. Michael delivers as if his life
depends on it. He's been quoted as saying, "I can't betray
the music. If it ain't real, it ain't worth it."

Michael has performed all over the world and he paid his
dues in the early 80's in a band called, "The Earwigs". He
moved and traveled to Austin, TX, Canada, Belgium, and
Germany. A "Jack Kerouc in a motorcycle jacket" as some have
described him. He has also opened for the Brian Setzer
Orchestra on three separate occasions, and Brian jammed with
the group at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.

Michael also contributed a version of Gene Vincent's "Be Bop
a Lu La" on a "Tribute to Gene Vincent" CD, which included
top Orange County and California rock-a-billy and blues
groups. Michael's version, however, received two top write-
ups by Blue Suede Blues Magazine as one of the CD's finer
moments. Michael did the song in a Robert Johnson/Son House
delta blues style . The first to do and approach the song in
that style complete with Michael playing bottleneck guitar.

To check out Michael Ubaldini online visit them at:

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