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Passionate. Provocative. Powerful.

Although that's basically all you need to know about Exploiting Eve, that isn't the full story. They are masters at creating smokey textures within a pulsating rock song -- so much so that they have no need of a fog machine. Added to this is an ability to design songs that zoom forward on two levels at once; each tune offers both a throbbing melodic progression from the band, and another, more ethereal melodic line sung by Janelle Barreto, their dynamic frontwoman.

The result is a succession of time-warping numbers that constantly threaten to disrupt your equilibrium. Exploiting Eve caresses you, blankets you, fondles you, knocks you sideways, then gives you a come-hither smile and invites you back for more. And that's all in one song. Their material, including "All the Time," "Once Again," and "Time Flies," is uniformly excellent.

Drummer Andres Ramos and bassist Vincent Ramos create reverberations that increase your heartbeat, and guitarist Victor Lozano has the extraordinary ability to play rugged and delicate at the same time. John Vastano added backing vocals, played congas on one number and guitar on a half-dozen others. His contributions were superb, and with a band this excellent, that's saying a lot.

Barreto brings everything together with a voice that is part synthesizer, part saxophone and all bittersweet chocolate. Delivering the songs with tremendous zeal and ocean-deep tones, her vocals are in the "eighth wonder of the world" category.

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