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Here's our very simple privacy policy

We appreciate that you visit our site and have already signed up for, or are considering signing up for, our mailing list. Here's what you want to know:


  • Use your e-mail and/or physical address to send you information about our band, events, music, etc.
  • We use cookies on our site to collect traffic information, such as where visitors linked to us from or what browser they're using. This is common information communicated from your browser and it is NOT traced specifically back to any individual user.
  • Ask for demographic information from time to time, but only to get a better sense of our audience, not to track or single out any specific user.
  • Care about your privacy and your desire to get on or off of our mailing lists quickly and easily.


  • Track visitors or their information individually. The information we collect is aggregate for the purpose of understanding our audience
  • Sell, barter, share, or give away any personal information you give to us. We ONLY use it to send you information about our band, Exploiting Eve.
  • Spam. We try to make sure everyone who gets our information wants it. If you don't want it anymore, or never wanted it to begin with, simply CONTACT us and let us know which e-mail address to remove or which mailing address to drop. Please ask nicely. :)


If, one day, we get picked up by a label and become part of some entity, we will be taking your information along with us so that we can continue to inform you about the band. It is not our plans to make your information available to any parent entity or its other organizations for any use other than to continue to administer the information exchange for our band. We care about our fans, friends, and family and wiill continue to hold their best interest in mind. If you have any questions, please CONTACT us.

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