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12: Too Bad So Sad

Today it seems the sky is falling down my friend
You've been behind everybodys back again
Oh look, you're like a baby crying on the ground
It's so strange how things really so come back around
Come back around

But you never even think about it
It's too bad
It seems like you'd be so much cooler but it's
So sad

Oh lucky me, you act like meeting you is my only break
Oh please, I meet a million of you everyday
(And I'm still breathing thank God)
What's that? you're loving me, don't want to be alone
I wonder what your girlfriend's thinking while she's at home
While she's at home


Call on angels cause you're so unclear
Call on angels cause it's a mess down here
Keep on reaping until you figure out
It's all about what you're sowing


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