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7: Come Along

It's 5 am
Hurry we could ride the day
No don't look back
We'll meet the night along the way

Cause if I told you soon they'll be gone
Would you come along

And we could dive
Into the shade
Just to unwind
And all the things
That we could do
Will roll through my mind

Crashing down into the clouds
We'll wake the stars from laughing so loud
Drink the sun until it's gone
If you come along

Falling through the snow
Stumble as we go
Rushing past the wind
Could you be there
Would you be there

Could you come along
Will you come along
Let's go, let's go, it's out there waiting
Take my hand I'll take you there
Let's go, let's go, our time is wasting
Just take my hand, I'll take you there

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