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6: Intelligent Signs of Life

This time he's nobody's fool
The gun he carries to school
3 die out of his rage
Children's faces on the front page

It's not enough to be a big star
Syringe back-seat of her car
110 a blue Pontiac
2 die from the impact

Oh Mother hanging your head
By your hand your children lay dead
Attorney help us decide
The best that money can buy

Temporarily Insane

Looks like there's intelligent signs of life
So what's going on here, what's going on
Looks like someone's home, but there is no light
So what's going on here, what's going on

He can barely sleep still tonight
Cause if he's calculated it right
1 explosive set on this date
Equals 650 lost in 1 day

A Mother cries in her room
Daughter missing ever since June
Pull her body out from the trees
Oh Lord she looks so much like me

Can somebody please explain
Are we temporarily insane




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